Maryssa is the orphan child of a once Vampire King and a Faery Princess. This was managed by her father paying tribute to an Olympic god in exchange for a boon. To be able to conceive a child together. Ryssa is a living breathing hybrid vampire & faery. She is an original MV/TB/SVM character. She is not exclusive to any fandom. She is part vampire, so keep in mind that if you are human you are walking talking food. Rissa's grandmother Celeste ascended from a Faerie to an angel. She has the abilities of both the Fae and Vampires of TB. However because she is unnatural, a day walker. Her vampire gift is telepathy with her progeny or blood relatives. Because she was born a vampire hybrid and did not die, she is capable of conceiving children. She had one child by Adam Cooke, Michael, who is now an adult in Faerie. Rissa is bisexual and has a female lover @destinyvidia. She believes in closed poly fidelity partnerships and has had two poly triad relationships both with @HeroDario, who has learned of another of his kind and is searching for them. His kind are extremely rare and the product of a mating between a were tiger and were lion. Their offspring are infertile. Since only the first born child of pure blooded weres become weres themselves ... Rissa understands his need to find others of his own kind, as she two is an unnatural hybrid and unique. An abomination in her eyes and cursed by the fates to live an eternity of loosing those she loves. Hense she is reluctant entering into relationships. She is the owner of a supernatural sanctuary with a bar and grill as the business front to conceal sanctuary. The building is heavily warded and guarded by a hellhound gift from her god mother who was the goddess that made he conception possible.

Before Maryssa, Warlow was the first and only faerie-vampire hybrid in existence. Warlow possesses all the abilities of the fae, such as telepathy and photokinesis. Warlow is capable of sending others to other dimensions against their will, though his ability to manipulate the veil between worlds is less precise than that of traditional faeries, such as Niall or Claudine. Warlow's fae side seems to render him capable of consuming ordinary food and beverages (something vampires cannot do themselves) and may have also made him immune to silver. The full extent of his powers and weaknesses was never revealed. Warlow's blood seems to give vampires the ability to walk in the sun indefinitely, as Bill was able to walk in the sun for consecutive days. Warlow is also capable of entering the homes of human's at will.
It can be assumed that due to his age being greater than Niall, and that a Faerie's powers become stronger with age, that Warlow's fae abilities are stronger than Niall and any other Faerie in the history of Faes. This is demonstrated by the fact that Warlow rendered both Bill and Violet unconscious with single zap of his faerie light, while Niall only managed to momentarily stun Nora despite striking her multiple times with more pronounced blasts.

Faerie-Vamp Hybridd

The vampire of Warlow.
In addition to his faerie powers, he has the common powers of a vampire, such as superhuman strength, speed, healing and a natural affinity for glamouring along with the rarer ability of flight, and his blood possesses all the qualities that could be expected from high-grade V. Due to him being over 5,500 years of age, Warlow's powers are extremely advanced - he is in all likelihood far stronger than other millennia old vampires that have featured on the show like Russell Edgington, Godric and Salome Agrippa. The only people capable of taking him on would be Lilith,the sirens,and the Lilith-augmented Bill Compton.Warlow demonstrated his superior vampire strength by easily overpowering Bill after the latter lost his Lilith-granted special powers.
Under normal circumstances, a vampire of his age would be killed by sunlight almost instantly, but as a faerie, he can walk in the sun with no ill effects whatsoever.

Warlows truedeath

Warlow's True Form and True Death

Despite his immense age and implied strength, Warlow has been shown to be rendered almost completely defenseless when restrained by bonds that were enchanted by faerie light. In this state, Eric Northman(a vampire much younger and weaker than Warlow) has been mentioned to attack and drain Warlow almost to the point of the true death.

Like ordinary vampires, Warlow can be killed by staking, and that is how he met his true death.("Radioactive") However, like the Faerie-enhanced Russell Edgington, it took considerable time to take effect. Like ordinary faeries, his true form was revealed in death as a pointy-eared goblin-like creature.